Richmond Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine

Mural by Jennifer Lane

Mural by Holly Holst & Sadie Parker

Mural by Holly Holst

Mural by Jennifer Lane

Mural by Sadie Parker

Welcome to Richmond Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, and thank you for your interest in our practice.
We are a family-owned practice that has provided pediatric services to families in Richmond, VT and surrounding areas since 2005. Here at Richmond Pediatrics, we emphasize prevention and continuity of care. Our principles are founded on offering quality science-based health care and practical guidance to our patients. Please use this site for general info about our practice. If you are in need of other information, please give us a call.
It is our aim to be available to serve the needs of our patients 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. One of our doctors is always on-call and we do our very best to keep our patients out of the emergency room and walk-in clinics (where expenses are greater and more tests and prescriptions are likely to be recommended) by making ourselves available to see our patients evenings, weekends and holidays.

Are we accepting new patients?

We are currently accepting newborns. We are not currently accepting transfer patients.