Patient Resources: COVID-19 Testing & Vaccination

Last Updated: October 2022

COVID-19 immunizations for children ages 5 through 11


The COVID vaccine has been approved for children 6 months 5 years of age. In our office we are administering the Pfizer vaccine (which is a 3 dose initial series). Alternatively you can go to other sites such as those run by the State or pharmacies.

General COVID-19 Vaccination Info

Vaccinations are now available for all adults and children over the age of 6 months. The studies on these vaccination in children have shown that it is both effective and well-tolerated in the short run. Although long-term studies are not available, given the sophistication and track record of vaccine science, it is very unlikely that any significant late side-effects will result. Certainly receiving the vaccine will be far safer than getting COVID infection. The long-term ramifications of the COVID infection remain to be fully understood but we do know that some children suffer significant health effects.

COVID19 vaccination is approved and safe for mothers who are breastfeeding and for pregnant women.

Testing for COVID-19


The most reliable tests remain those PCR tests that detect genetic material from the virus.

Home testing kits are now available and, though not as accurate as PCR tests, can generally be used with confidence in children over two years of age.

Sampling for PCR tests can be performed at any hospital. This should be prearranged and the test must typically be ordered by the primary care physician.

We are not providing in-office COVID19 testing for individuals unless they're also demonstrating symptoms in need of in-person medical attention. This is in order to preserve personal protective equipment (PPE), which is in short supply, and to prevent doctors and staff in our office from becoming ill, which would prevent us from taking care of our patients.